Why WordPress is a great home for your website

Starting or revamping your online presence – be your personal brand or your business online store – is stressful as it is.  To add to it and with the ever-growing web technologies out there, you’re now faced with how to create this best possible website for your target audience.   Good news…worry not – this is where we come in to help.

With over 15 years of web development experience, and after a meticulous and extensive research and analysis, we’ve chosen what we believe is the best web development platform to fulfill our client’s needs – WordPress.  In fact, this is a Content Management System (CMS) which basically means you can easily create, manage and modify content without having advanced technical skills.  But don’t get us wrong…any one can be a website these days, but the ability to tailor to your needs, make stand out, and attract potential leads is a whole different story.  And again, this is where we come in to help.

Now, you must be asking, why this solution.  Here are a few good reasons why.


This solution has been around the block for quite a while, and it has grown to be one of the most popular CMS for web development – may it be for bloggers, business owners, freelancers, and you name it!  In fact, WordPress has a mature ecosystem that allows you to expand based on your growing needs and as your business grows.  Keep on reading…


One of the best things we love about WordPress is how flexible the platform is.  For one, there are TONS of plugins, which means you have the ability to extend the functionality of your website drastically.  One of our favorites ones is WooCommerce, and this allows your website to transform into a full-blown online store to track & fulfill orders, and to immerse your target audience into your wonderful products and services.


Let’s get real…the goal here is to launch your online presence as quickly as possible, without of course compromising quality.  With WordPress, we can do just that.  Building the framework is just one aspect though, and it’s very important that you do your homework so that we can increase your website’s time-to-market.  After all, time is money!  Learn more about how to get prepared to create or revamp your online presence.


Obviously, in this day and age, the last thing anyone wants is to get their website hacked.  For that reason, this is an absolute top of mind for us and WordPress as well.   There are always WordPress releases that are not only enhancing features, but also security.  When you engage with us, we’ll automatically backup your website on our secure servers as well as update it with the latest WordPress version so that everything will be up to date and good to go.   Now that’s peace of mind!

Learn more about our web strategy and design services and all the awesome things we can do together.

User Friendly

Who doesn’t like a great user experience?!  WordPress has a simple interface that allows us to quickly get you up and running.  Not only that, but search engines love WordPress and it’s SEO friendly – that is, Search Engine Optimization.  This allows search crawlers to index your website with ease and give it higher chances of ranking higher in search results.  But don’t be fooled…there is a work to do behind the scenes to get your website ready to go and we’re here to help

Collaborative & Cost Savings

Another great feature of WordPress, is the ability to collaborate on low complex (e.g., content updates, new blog posts, etc.) website updates without knowing a thing about web development.  This means that you don’t have to engage with an agency like ours for every single web update – yes, you read this right.  This means that we’ll give you access to the site (of course, we’ll train you) and you will be able to update certain parts of you website at your own, and, at the same time, save money!  In other words, we’ll provide you with white label access so that you have access any time.

Additionally, we can provide access to your team to be able to make updates as well – also known as white label access.  This will allow you to determine roles that your team will have when making these simple website updates.   Learn more about this cool feature included in our web strategy and design services

Still not convinced?

At the time this article was published, an outstanding 38% of all web is powered by WordPress.  Just saying…

Too good to be true, right?  No!  But, in all truth, if your online presence requires a highly customizable and complex development (think database management, intricate data-driven implementation, etc.), then this solution may not be the right one for you – and we surely won’t sell it to you.  Instead, let’s have a chat and figure out the best way to get you up and running

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