Hangar Website Project

A web development case study of an hangar corporation

About The Work




Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Services Provided

Web Development, UX/UI, Search Engine Optimization, Ongoing Maintenance

The Ask

ExpoBrax is a well-established corporation and importer in Brazil, specializing in various long lasting Hangar products.  Their site was created many years ago, and with that, it fell behind in performance, user experience, and it lacked a clean look to attract leads.

The Outcome

The site was completely redesigned from the ground up, with a fresh and innovative new look and feel.  It showcases a great portfolio for potential customers, and visitors can now quickly and easily to get different areas of the site, thus maximizing the time they spent on the site.  With our SEO techniques, the site is highly ranked for keywords, with pages in the first page of Google search engine result pages.

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